Hot Sleeper Cooling Blanket

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Introducing the CoolDreams Cooling Blanket – the coolest thing to happen to bedtime since pillow fights! 🌙

🌬️ Cool, Calm, and Comfy: Hot sleepers, rejoice! Say goodbye to those sweaty, sticky nights, and hello to a world of blissful slumber. Our CoolDreams Cooling Blanket is here to save you from the heat and turn your bed into a chill paradise.

❄️ Chill Vibes Only: We've harnessed the power of NASA-inspired technology to bring you a blanket that's cooler than the other side of the pillow. The innovative cooling fabric wicks away heat and moisture, leaving you with a frosty, refreshing embrace that'll have you sleeping like an Eskimo in the Arctic.

😴 Beauty Sleep, Reimagined: Who needs a fairy godmother when you have the CoolDreams Cooling Blanket? Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle your day with newfound energy. Say goodbye to those groggy mornings – you'll look and feel like a million bucks!

🌟 Not Just Cool – Super Stylish: We know you care about your bedroom aesthetics as much as your comfort. That's why our blanket is not only refreshingly cool but also stylishly designed. It's like a fashion statement for your bed, turning heads and winning hearts.

🧼 Low Maintenance Luxury: No need to fret about complicated care routines. Our cooling blanket is machine-washable and built to last. Just toss it in with your regular laundry, and it'll come out looking and feeling as cool as ever.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Looking for a gift that says, "I care about your comfort and style"? Look no further! The CoolDreams Cooling Blanket is the ideal present for anyone who deserves a great night's sleep.

🌈 Sleep Soundly, Dream Wildly: With the CoolDreams Cooling Blanket, you can finally dream without the interruption of night sweats. So go ahead, dream big, and wake up feeling fabulous. Whether you're a hot sleeper or just someone who loves a cool and comfy night's rest, this blanket is your ticket to the land of sweet dreams.

Don't toss and turn in a sea of discomfort any longer. Upgrade your sleep game with the CoolDreams Cooling Blanket and make every night a cool adventure. Sleep tight, stay cool, and let your dreams take flight. Because when you're cool, the world's your oyster – or should we say, your blanket fort! 😄🌌💤


Machine wash in cold water. Air dry.

Thread Count is over 600s

Made from polyester micro fibre cooling fabric.